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How Beautiful? ! Japanese Imperial Bonsai collections.

Do you know Japanese Imperial has beautiful bonsai? 
Japan is leading country as Bonsai and there are lots of wonderful bonsai there.

Let’s check them.

japanese apricto bonsai
 ( http://bonsai.shikoku-np.co.jp/imperial/ja/ )

Japanese apricot Bonsai
Year : 80 years old
Description : 
displayed in Imperial Bonsai Exhibition in past.
This shows japanese traditional garden as feeling like “Wabi” and “Sabi”  The trunk is strong and branch is good curving.

japanese maple
 ( http://bonsai.shikoku-np.co.jp/imperial/ja/ )

Japanese maple tree
Type : upright bonsai 
Year : 70 years old
Description :  
12 japanese maple tree planted together.
the color is kind of old color and this made us fell like nostalgy

( http://bonsai.shikoku-np.co.jp/imperial/ja/ )

Japanese zelkova
Type : upright bonsai
Year : 110years
Description : 
this zelvoka was displayed at Japan World Exposition in 1970

Japanese bonsai
( http://bonsai.shikoku-np.co.jp/imperial/ja/ )

Japanese Fuji
Type : cascading bonsai
Year : 360years
Description : 
The size is  almost 1m and flower bloom, its very beautiful.

  ( http://bonsai.shikoku-np.co.jp/imperial/ja/ )

Japanese maple bonsai
Type : upright bonsai
Year : 90years
Description : 
Every april turn into beautiful red colors.
This is also almost 1m size and change the color in every season. 
That make people who see it enjoy.

( http://bonsai.shikoku-np.co.jp/imperial/ja/ )

 Japanese pine bonsai
Year : 550years
Description :
This bonsai is called “Third generation of Shogun” because the third generation of shogun “Iemitsu
Tokugawa”keep it. its is very dignity and famous for one of the best bonsai in Japan

( http://bonsai.shikoku-np.co.jp/imperial/ja/ )

Japanese Shinpaku
Year : 180years
This Bonsai is looks like living in nature.

How many Bonsai do you know??
these bonsai is really beautiful and should check them out.

http://bonsai.shikoku-np.co.jp/imperial/en/kimigayo.html (English)
http://bonsai.shikoku-np.co.jp/imperial/ja/post-24.html (Japanese)

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