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Top 5:The most beautiful bonsai in japan

Bonsai is a Japanese art form using miniature trees grown in containers. Japan is known as leading country of  bonsai but in fact the number of people who are interested in bonsai is in decrease day by day.

Our vision is japanese bonsai become more famous. it means to understand the worth of understand.

Hope everyone enjoy this site and understand japanese bonsai

  is Bonsai getting popular?

In japan Bonsai is not so popular because usually bonsai is known as boring, expensive and just for older people’s hobby.

Youg people never pay attention to Bonsai in japan even though japan is leading country.but looking at the picture below, you can understand how beautiful bonsai is.

  “Higurashi” over a hundred million dollars


This bonsai is known as the one of the best bonsai. “Higurashi” is estimated over 400 years old and handed over to many bonsai masters.  the name “Higurashi” means “sunset”  you can keep seeing bonsai until sun set from morning.  this is worth a hundred million dollars.


 “Shoten no yu” looks like dragon.

スクリーンショット 0026-10-23 19.19.38

the reason why this bonsai’s name is “Shoten no ryu”  is looks like dragon is rising up to the sky. the trunk was died and became “shari” and it  twine around the trunk.


 Imperial bonsai collections  “Sandai Shogun”


The Sandai Shogun no Matsu, which translate to “third generation Tokugawa’s pine“, is a specimen that has been passed down through the line of Japanese emperors for at least 500 years.

The Sandai has been lovingly tended to by many emperors, but it derives its name from Tokugawa Iemitsu. Iemitsu obtained the tree when it was already at least 200 years old, but he had a love of horticulture so obsessive he neglected his duties as shogunate

 Japanese maple bonsai “Heavy drinker”

Maple bonsai
Since he bright red color is looks like  the face color when people drink a alcohol,
this bonsai is called “heavy drinker”

Every april the color turn into beautiful red  color from green.


 Japanese shinpaku “Seiryu”

seiryu bonsai

This bonsai is estimated 1000 years old. this name “Seiryu” means “Blue Dragon” because the trunk is looks like dragon’s scale and also Seiryu take you to the ancient world that dragon had lived in. the part of white trunk is called “Shari” attract people who see it.

you can see “Seiryu” at Omiya bonsai art museum.


These bonsai is really famous in the world. Some of Bonsai introduced is displayed in exhibition but some don’t .

Japan has lots of great bonsai but now few people can hand over these bonsai and manage them, so if you are interested in to be bonsai master in japan, you should contact japanese bonsai nursery which are in Bonsai Village.


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