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How mysterious…japanese flower artist Azuma Makoto’s great work

Azuma Makoto is one of the famous japanese flower artist in the world.
His art work always made people think about life and what is “Live”.


In japan, there is a tradition of flower art which is called “Ikebana” and so lot of japanese people think that flower, bonsai art is old styles.
Young people don’t think it is cool things.

This is a comment that he was interviewed and asked
Was there a certain point when you realized that you wanted to work with flowers?


Absolutely. I got into this job because I started to work in a flower market. For me it was just very interesting to be surrounded by all these living objects and to create something with these objects. I was playing in a rock band and I saw a lot of similarities between music and flowers, especially in regards to their temporary qualities.

Every flower is very different, even if it is all red roses. They all have individual characteristics and you create a piece of work by gathering them into one. And it’s the same with music, if you play in anger, in a calm manner, play it here or play it there, the music changes even if it’s the same chord. Making music is creating a piece of work by layering this process, so I guess it is very similar to flowers.
(from http://www.freundevonfreunden.com/workplaces/azuma-makoto/ )

 Launch the Bonsai to the Space!?


This is a really famous artwork and sekaibonsai picked this article ever
⇒ http://sekaibonsai.com/japanese-bonsai-artist-lauch-the-bonsai-to-the-space-255.html

Let’s check out more his artwork


This is the second installation live of “shiki x (shiki-kakeru)” series. It would be focused on illustration of the harmony between plants and sound.


Paludarium, a small conservatory invented in England in the 19th century, is a plant protection machine that has been later exhibited at the Paris Expo and such.


The pine bonsai is made by LEGO





How beautiful all of his artwork…
His Art style ask us something and change the japanese old style of flower art to modern art styles.

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