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Bonsai Looks like Studio Gihbri’s work? Japanese bonsai artist Aiba Takanori

sometimes bonsai is called living art and it is true.the appearance changes everyday.

this time i want to tell you that some japanese bonsai artist really try to use bonsai as art work. every work is really beautiful and shows japanese quality. These unique bonsai trees created by Japanese artist Takanori Aiba brings about a whole new bonsai art form that fuses Lilliputian architecture designs with the traditional bonsai.

Japanese bonsai Looks like Studio ghibrri?

What do you think this is??


Moving howl’s Castle??



Japanese Bonsai Art by Takanori Aiba

These are …really looks like “Moving Howl’s castle” . these are Bonsai art and are created japanese bonsai artist “Takanori Aiba” who is japanese illustrator.


what a fantasy bonsai ! mix the bonsai and miniature. Japanese Classical Bonsai Style portraits the beauty of nature in miniature. This is created by modern bonsai style to add the art element to japanese bonsai style. created between human and nature in miniature


Lock island! This is mixed with “Suiseki”





 Over generation

These are remained classical japanese bonsai style but shows a modern bonsai style.This is point that these bonsai are looks like Ghibbri’s world that is famous japanese anime film youg people like.

In Japan the number people who are doing bonsai is getting small because your peole don’t do bonsai. Bonsai is known as expensive, boring, difficult…. but these bonsai art can attract people even they are not interest in bonsai.





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