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Bonsai lovers don’t miss. The 5 best Japanese Bonsai Nursery

There are lots of old bonsai nursery which have a long history in japan.

For bonsai lovers, we collect the good bonsai nursery you should visit when you are in Japan. don’t miss them




the oldest nursery in Omiya Bonsai Village, opened in 1925. The nursery specializes in Sosaku (creative) bonsai, creating scenery with depth using various kinds of bonsai including Yezo-matsu (Picea jezoensis). The owner is dedicated to caring for bonsai meticulously every day with a belief that he creates a landscape that people can enjoy for decades. You can see his works that reflect his dedication.

address : Saitama, saitama-shi kitaku 285 Bonsai-cho



Toju-en makes a number of Goyo-matsu (Pinus parviflora) and Shohin bonsai. Bonsai workshops have been held for beginners so that more people get interested and share the enjoyment of bonsai.

there is the one of the famous bonsai “Shoten no ryu” which means dragon rise up to the sky.

address : Saitama, saitama-shi kitaku 247 Bonsai-cho
URL : http://www3.ocn.ne.jp/~tojuen/index2.html



Seikou-en was originally founded during the Kaei period (1848-54) in Edo and moved to Omiya Bonsai Village in 1943. Seikou-en pursues to achieve a sense of the season as well as the refined taste and beauty by passing down the art of Edo. Saika Bonsai is particularly popular, which Seikou-en created by being inspired by charming appearance of the plants living on old tiles.

address : Saitama, saitama-shi kitaku 268 Bonsai-cho
URL : http://www.seikouen.cc/



Here is placed in Osaka which is west area in japan. Fujikawakoka-en is the one of the place that foreigners can learn bonsai. actually when i visit there, three foreigners is learning bonsai there.

address : Osaka-fu, Ikeda-shi, Kouda 3-19-13

Email: info@fujikawabonsai.com

 Shunka-en Bonsai Museum


The Museum was built with the ambition to spread Japanese culture, especially Bonsai in a new way to the rest of the world. show both the beauty and the severity of nature that is hidden within Bonsai, even just a little glimpse but to a great number of people from around the world.

address : Osaka-fu, Ikeda-shi, Kouda 3-19-13
URL : http://www.kunio-kobayashi.com/english/index.html


above all bonsai nurseries have good for foreigners and long history

when you visit them, you can have good experience and fun time with good bonsai.

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