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20 Beautiful Bonsai tree at 35th Nippon Bonsai Tikanten

Hello, This weekend 35th Nippon Bonsai Taikanten have started from 22 November 2015 to 25th November 2015.

“Taikanten” is a big event which is held at kyoto every year and it gathered lots of amazing bonsai and suiseki from mainly west side of japan

There are really amazing bonsai and it is allowed to take a photo.

Prime minister’s award

This bonsai got Prime minister’s award and I was impressed big trunk. It makes me image big tree.

Japanese Black pine bonsai

Japanese Red pine bonsai

This bonsai has cool dead trunk which is called “Jin”. It curves radically.

Japanasese Juiper

Japanese five needle bonsai

Tou Kaede Bonsai

Japanese maple bonsai

Japanese Yew Bonsai

Japanese Whiteberry Bonsai

Japanese Shinpaku Bonsai

Japanese Azalea

Japanese Maple Bonsai

Japanese Iwashide Bonsai

Japanese Maple Bonsai

Japanese Juniper Bonsai
Taikanten is still opened and if you are living in japan, you should visit there.

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