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Finally, Japanese Bonsai shop opened in Paris.

omiya bonsai paris

Omiya bonsai shops opened in paris last week and until march 22.
Don’t miss the last chance to see japanese bonsai master.

This shops started to make japanese bonsai more famous in the world.
everyone can buy bonsai at shop and some japanese bonsai master demonstrated how to make bonsai around the shop.

■ Place:Discover Japan SHOP PARIS
12 rue Ste-Anne 75001 Paris, France

Omiya bonsai shops in paris

cool Omiya bonsai leaflet.

bonsai shops

Many Japanese bonsai are displayed in shop and many people come to see them.
bonsai shops

Japanese maple bonsai : Kaede

great bonsai

Japanese maple bonsai : Momiji
maple bonsai

Bonsai Master’s Demonstration

Masashi Hirao demonstrate how  to make bonsai.
He is very famous bonsai master in the world, if you don’t know you  should check THE MOST INNOVATIVE BONSAI MASTER IN JAPAN

hirao masashi

hirao masashi

many people come to see and hope to enjoy japanese bonsai.


This is first time to open japanese bonsai shops in other country.
Since 8th World Bonsai Convention is held at Saitama in Japan, we need to get more attention about japanese bonsai and make more funs.

If you want to know more information, check below link

Omiya bonsai facebook ⇒ https://www.facebook.com/Omiyabonsai?fref=ts
Discover Japan ⇒ https://www.facebook.com/discoverjapanparis?fref=ts

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