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HERMES’s special exhibition is inspired by Bonsai

HERMES’s special exhibition is inspired by Bonsai

Hermes opend the special exhibition “Lether Forever” at Tokyo National Museum. This exhibition is held from Shanghai, then Roma, London and Madrid, and finally arrived at Tokyo.
The important point is that the exhibition is inspired from the each city’s features so that in Japan this time was inspired by BONSAI.

  180 years old Bonsai is displayed with  Bag 

Bonsai is called “Living Art” and many people is inspired from it’s mystery of life.
in fact, Hermes is not first time to make product with bonsai. Bonsai scurf is made several years ago and it’s really beautiful

 Hermes Bonsai Scurf

Le Beaux Jours de Bonsai Hermès
「盆栽美し時」means that “Beautiful Bonsai”
black and yellow
maybe this bonsai is kind of rosewood
black and gold
The collaboration, Fashion and Bonsai, is good because both bonsai and fashion can be art.

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