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How to enjoy looking bonsai at mini Bonsai Exhibition.

This is for people who want bonsai but don’t have time to grow bonsai or who like looking bonsai than growing bonsai by myself. Of course, To enjoy bonsai is not only to grow bonsai but also look bonsai.

Usually in japan, from fall to spring lots of bonsai Exhibitions are held at throughout japan. So the best time to enjoy looking bonsai is from fall to sparing. Once a year, Mini bonsai exhibition which is called Gafu-ten is held and the best bonsai which received high evaluation can get prime minister’s award.

Let’s checking it and teach you how to enjoy looking mini bonsai exhibition.


There are 6 types of bonsai is used in this photo.

①Black pine bonsai
②Kaede (Japanese maple)
③Miniature roses
④Fortunella hindsii
⑤Japanese quince

and, below photo is to get prime minister’s award last year.


①Black pine bonsai
②Gardenia jasminoides
③Japanese quince
④Fortunella hindsii
⑤Kaede (Japanese maple)
⑥Five needle pine

Do you notice anything by comparing to these photos?

Both of photos use black pine, Japanese quince and Fortunella hindsii. Moreover Shinpaku and Kede are also often used for mini bonsai exhibitions because these bonsai is easy to be made compare to other bonsai. In othere words, the bonsai which is often used for bonsai exhibition is one of the reason to easy to be grown.

If you have time to visit bonsai exhibition, it is good to check what bonsai is used.

 Flow of bonsai trunk.

There is one more thing that you should cheack when you visit bonsai exhibition. Let’s check this year’s prime minister’s awrd.


Firstly, look at ②kaed bonsai. It flows left side and ③Miniature roses flows to right side. ④Fortunella hindsii and ⑤Japanese qiance are placed lower side and they provide stability to whole style.

In fact there are no usual style of place bonsai such as above picture and it is free where you put bonsai but you shuld pay attention to “Flow of trunk ”. So that ehrn you go to Mini Bonsai exhibition, it is good chance to look the flow.

as I mentioned before, usually bonsai exhibitions are held from fall to spring so that it is good time to enjoy looking bonsai. Have a good bonsai life!

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