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Bonsai Lover must buy Japanese Bonsai Calendar 2016

Japanese Bonsai Calendar 2016 just arrived. A cover bonsai is “Uzushio” displayed in Omiya bonsai.

The content is very Gorgeous



here is japanese maple bonsai(Kaede) on the rock.
it has strength and makes people who see it feel like somehow lonely.



Here is a japanese five needle pine bonsai called Seiryu means “Blue Dragon”.
This bonsai is a very famous and displayed at Omiya Bonsai Art Museum.The width is about 1.6 meter and trunk looks like Dragon.


Here is japanese maple bonsai (Momiji) which turns in beautiful red in fall season. The three trunks spread like foloding fan. this bonsai is called “Koryo” which means “Red Hill”

Do you want to get Japanese Bonsai Claendar 2016?
If you want to get it please contact me below comment area.
it has many wonderful bonsai which is displayed in japan.

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