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Japanese Girl’s university student send “Kawaii Bonsai” to the world

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The Takamatsu Bonsai Convention was hold  at Takamatsu in October 29th and in thisi event “Bonsai ☆ Girl’s Project “ which is created by Takamatsu girl’s university students displays their bonsai in first time.

 http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/local/kagawa/graph/article.html?id=20141029-OYTNI50039 )


Now, the number of people who make bonsai is in decrease more and more so that Bonsai ☆ Girll’s Project member is trying to promote bonsai to their surroundings and world.

They make diary about bonsai and post their bonsai to facebook
check out their facebook :

They will be a bonsai idol and thinking that singing a song.
Hope they are the light of hope of bonsai.
If you are interested in Takamatsu Bonsai Convention, please check out this article too.

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