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Why is Jin and Shari looking great white color?

All bonsai should have seen juniper bonsai in in your life because Juniper is most popular bonsai type in the world. Specially the part of white with trunk has fascinated many bonsai lovers.


This white trunk is called “Jin/Shari” and A “Jin” is a bare-stripped part of branch and a “Shari” is a barkless part of trunk. These are shining especially in the dark.

But, why is Jin and Shari is looking great white color?
We use “Lime sulfur” to make trunk be white.

Looks like using color paints

“Lime sulfur” is usually used for Pesticide and original color is yellow. However once Lime Sulfur is exposed to outside, it turnes into white color.


it seems like child is painting color paints.


Just after painting lime sulfur…..


2~3 days after, it turns into white color


This is the basic skill so you should try it.

Training Bonsai as Apprenticeship in the Kyoto

Let me introduce by myself. I am now training bonsai in Kyoto from last August. Before I become Apprenticeship, I am not interested in bonsai. So maybe My knowledge is not enough compare with other bonsai master but that’s why i send a information about bonsai from beginner’s view point.

Thank you for reading.

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