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looking for a new name for bonsai

Omiya Bonsai Museum :Looking for a new name for bonsai

Omiya Bonsai Art Museum is looking for a new name for Black Pine Bonsai

looking for a new name for bonsai

as the omiya bonsai art museum said, the bonsai which can have the name is only wonderful bonsai.  when the omiya bonsai museum get the that black pine, it was really bad condition anddidn’t have the name.

since omiya bonsai the care that bonsai in 10 years,  this spring finally this black pine is displayed at the Omiya Art Bonsai Art Museum.

This bonsai is now over 100 cm height and 88 cm width. Usually the name of bonsai is decided by looking and impression. In the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, there are “Seiryu” translated to “Blue Dragon” and “Chiyo no Matsu”  translated to “Thousand years pine bonsai”

seiryu bonsai

hiyo no Matsu

This is only for japanese people but if you have any good name ,
please send me a message.  we just know the other country’s bonsai name.

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