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Great Japanese cherry blossom Bonsai is bloomed in april

Hello, this is sekaibonsai.
in japan , last week cherry blossom are best time and they were really beautiful and many people are enjoying ‘hanami’.

Hanami is one of the event and people enjoy drinking, eating and sometimes singing a song under the cherry blossom tree.

(http://wordpress.tokyotimes.org/ )

but now……almost all  cherry blossom have finished bloomed…..

This cherry blossom is famous for good as bonsai, and also even you can enjoy “hanami” without going outside.

 The most beautiful tree in spring season

cherry blossom bonsai is really beautiful and let people know spring is coming.

apricot bonsai is also famous in this season.

cherry blossom bonsai have bloomed in only fall season and so that other season are just green….


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