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“Ultra small bonsai” and “Small bonsai” plants is getting popular in the world


We often introduce the very cool japanese bonsai but, this time we show very small bonsai which is like above it. it’s called ultra small bonsai becuase the size is almost less than 3cm in height.

Small bonsai is also really getting popular in Japan. It’s not so small than ultra small bonsai but, it’s also small compare to ordinary bonsai.
why does it happen? even though Japanese people don’t understand the worth of the bonsai.

 very cute and easy to make it

Usually bonsai is thought that it is really difficult to grow but actually it is easy to make bonsai more than everyone image.  Small bonsai is especially easy to grow so for young people it’s very just attractive.




Even bonsai is small, they still have cool.

make your room more relax space and cool.

The bonsai is thought of the senior’s hobby and good for Japanese style room. now the number of Jpapanse style room is in decrease and western style room is more standard. small bonsai is suit for the western-style room and can be good for interior.

small bonsai

It’s not so expensive

this is most important point. small bonsai is not expensive around 20dollars ~ 40dollars. for student it’s easy to get it.


Small bonsai is really getting popular among womens and young people because these are thought like kind of Succulents. make your room more relax apace and feel peaceful.

if you think want to start to make bonsai, small bonsai is good for first step.

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